Whiten your teeth at home

If your teeth are turning yellow and you’d like to brighten your smile, consider whitening them at home. The major advantage of this option is that you can do your own touch-ups for years after a treatment and enjoy long-lasting whiteness.


Before you get started, we will evaluate your oral health.


Then come the following steps:


  • Dental impressions taken to make custom dental trays
  • Dental trays delivered one week later
  • 14 treatments spread out over 7 to 14 days, based on your preference (treatment length dependent on the number of teeth being whitened and your original tooth colour)
  • Treatment check-up at the clinic
  • Additional applications as needed


While undergoing treatment, you are strongly advised to avoid:


  • Any food or beverage that could stain your teeth
  • Smoking


If you have sensitive teeth or gums, we recommend using a toothpaste for sensitive teeth.