Partial or full dentures

Dental prostheses are used to artificially replace natural teeth and gums. If you lose some or all your teeth due to an accident, illness or poor dental hygiene, you dentist may recommend a dental prosthesis.


There are two types of dental prostheses: partial and full dentures. In either case, your dentist will take an impression of your teeth so that precision-made dentures can be crafted just for you.


Partial dentures


Partial dentures replace one or several teeth and can improve your pronunciation, chewing ability and appearance. The prosthetic tooth or teeth are held into place with attachments that latch on to adjacent teeth. Partial dentures can be removed for sleeping or cleaning.


Full dentures


Full dentures replace all your teeth. Complete upper dentures replace all your top teeth, while complete lower dentures replace the bottom ones. 


Full dentures are made up of a base and resin teeth.
In addition to being fully removable, this type of dental prosthesis offers some significant advantages, including:

  • Full dentures are a cost-effective option when you consider that all missing teeth are replaced.
  • Full dentures are relatively simple to make, meaning you’ll regain your ability to chew sooner. 


If you think you need a dental prosthesis, call us right away!